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Females season open

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17 February 2019
( 534 days ago )
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There are some things that money can’t buy, merely rent and since love is just an “attachment feeling” -for weak characters- I’m here to show you a “different” (identity revealed by a Soho House & Co manager) perspective. Having read this you’ll realize that financial gain is a side effect of what I have in mind.
I was thinking to give life to this idea for half a year now, but it was just recently when the inspiration and the electroshock came into action combined and hit me harder than a mix of a good spliff and few shots of Bombay Sapphire that bad that I felt the urge to prove what I’m capable of.
In spite of 30 years of hard work, Freud died without being able to answer to this question : what does a female want?
For feminazi -independent females who need nothing- the answer is simple – a man to explain them how their pedigree works.
For the rest, the query is more elaborated, ass they need a sophisticated man, summarizing the following :
– Chef : one that will cook you healthy (vegetarian) meals so you can think, feel and look awesome all day long and bear in mind that you are what you eat, also you definitely need to try my icecream,
– Masseur : a good massage is like the ciggy “after” – liberating and refreshing and all these while you lay on your belly, detached of your thoughts and let me…. work some magic,
– Chess teacher : before you discipline other you must dominate yourself, reminded constantly of your flaws so you can work on them until you ascend to the next level (oh, I may not be a teacher, but I’ll…. teach you until he comes),
– Escort : when you need to take someone to assist you with shoppings, but realize you can’t punish the pet by leaving him tied up to a post and keep waiting,
– Cleaner : because to this point I heard None to double the hygiene level (Soho House & Co, London, Chiswick), also you want to look good all the time and most importantly it’s not fun when you’re doing it naked (last time you traumatized the pooch, ‘member?),
– Salt & Pepper : when it’s itching you to be tenderized, butt the ghosts are your only real friends,
– INTJ, specialized in psychotherapy, former atheist, vivid imagination, open-minded conservator, high goa’ulds, superior standards, provocative and…. beyond.
Scientifically speaking, you have all the chances to stumble and hurt yourself while you’re surfing on internet, than meet someone like me, as there are only 50 million people left carrying a particular type of…. uhm,…. something exquisite.
Add to the above a charming, dainty, refined and select quality and you’re stuck with a limited edition and since these make me an endangered person I’m here to Rent my services because I do have a job, which I like (team, money, location and the work itself), but there’s just an element missing – the 5th element (this is where you come in, get it?).
Now, I’m not expensive, but I’m not cheap either and I’m pretty sure we can meet in the middle and have something between one hour to one year, according to your needs.
Prerequisite condition : understand the basic cultural legacy – yes could mean perhaps and no means No and between 18 to 51 years., if you’re good looking.